On the important role of indoor home accessories

Compared with decoration design, home accessories design focuses more on soft decoration, which is commonly referred to as soft decoration. Designers use their overall grasp of color, texture and style, as well as the comprehensive aesthetic ability of art and fashion, and combine seven categories of home products: furniture, lighting, hanging paintings, cloth art, floral art, green plants, furnishings (handicrafts) ) After unified planning and coordination of organization, the overall design and detailed implementation for beautifying the home environment.

Accessories play a very important role in improving and optimizing the home environment, specifically in the following aspects:

1. Home accessories improve the spatial form.

People live in such a space, especially in many modern homes, steel structures, etc., whether the materials of the structure itself or the interface are very monotonous, and it feels very indifferent. If we live in it for a long time, we will feel a sense of boredom. I can use some accessories, such as green plants, artworks, textiles. These items, their colors are usually brighter than the home interface, and their shapes are also very rich and vivid. In this case, it is Can well improve the form of the home space.

2. Home accessories soften the feeling of home.

In some homes, dense steel frames, sheets of glass curtain walls, and bright metal plates fill the home space. The rigid and cold texture of these materials gives people a sense of space. The colorful home accessories can obviously soften the feeling of space, and at the same time bring a spin-off to the home space.

3. The way home accessories express space

A home decoration design work must always have a specific atmosphere or clearly express a theme. As for the home itself, the home space must express an atmosphere or a theme, which most homes cannot achieve. As a home and accessories, it can indeed do this. Home design, home accessories, the effect achieved by its design is to create a place spirit. The so-called spirit of place is not a concept with space. The spirit of place refers specifically to the intention of a space. Most home design can not complete the "task" of designing a place. But home accessories can be done.

4. Home accessories enhance the atmosphere of the home environment

Home accessories have a strong visual perception in the home environment, so they have a huge effect on the atmosphere of the home environment. Because the feeling of home, the feeling of accessories, in the home space, is stronger than the interface. On the interface, we feel that if we don't make more designs, generally speaking, it is not very strong. And the shape of the accessories is very rich, the color can also be very bright, so it must be different in creating the atmosphere of the whole space environment.

5. Home accessories can strengthen the style of home space

There are various styles of home space, and the reasonable selection and display of accessories has a very positive influence on the formation of home space style. Now the well-decorated houses sold by the developers leave a certain amount of leeway for the furnishing accessories behind.

6. Home accessories can adjust the tone of the home environment

Furniture can effectively adjust the tone of the home environment. Because in the home environment, furniture and accessories occupy a relatively large area. In many spaces, furniture occupies more than 40% of the area. Curtains, bedspreads, my choice of color, in fact, played a role in the formation of the tone of the entire guest room. The interior designer encounters such a problem. After the interior works are designed, the effect cannot be produced, and the color tone cannot be produced. Sometimes it is said that this effect has not yet come out. You put the furniture in, put the dining table in, the color of the dining table and chairs at that time, including the color of the tablecloth, etc., whether it is facing the change of the color of the entire home space in the later period, or whether it is controlled, it plays a role Is huge. Today, when we do design, we can design counter-thinking, first consider the furniture, accessories and then locate the color positioning of each side.

7. Home accessories show the owner's personality.

The accessory design pays attention to individuality and expression. The atmosphere style expressed in the public space should take into consideration the public's aesthetic concept. The aesthetic concept we express, the aesthetic concept expressed by the designer, must fully express the aesthetic concept of the user. In our future design space, the space of the times, we must study an aesthetic tendency of users. And this aesthetic tendency is mainly reflected through accessories. As I said earlier, the design of a boutique house should be adequate for a certain period of time, and the occupant should be allowed to express his personality and hobby through accessories. Furniture and accessories can play a very important role here.