One-stop whole house furniture customization service

Finished furniture cannot meet the needs of decorators because of its monotonous and uniform style and inflexible dimensions. Therefore, custom-made overall furniture is a popular choice nowadays. If you can't choose the furniture you like or suitable in the specialty store, you can customize a set of furniture. But we still remind you that there are many precautions that cannot be ignored in the customization of furniture. Let's learn about it together.

1. Home area factors

The area of the home has restrictive factors to the overall furniture, and the design and planning of the home is targeted according to the type of home. If the area is limited, custom-made furniture will focus on saving space, with a relatively simple shape and small size, and focus on the use of three-dimensional space, so that the house will not appear small or crowded.

2. Reduce unnecessary waste

While pursuing individualization of custom furniture, it is necessary to consider saving money and reducing unnecessary waste, especially when the budget is limited, the practicality should be given priority.

Three, pay attention to the rationality of the use of furniture

When buying furniture, most people often ignore the actual situation of the home. Looking at the furniture of the right size and moderate color in the exhibition hall, it is difficult to match it after you get home, so you must consider the rationality of use when customizing the furniture.

Fourth, it must be unified with the decoration style

Customized furniture should be unified with the decoration style, determine the furniture style, and then decorate the house according to the style of the furniture, so as to ensure a unified style, and will not lead to incompatibility due to incompatibility.