Dongguan RCIFC Furnishing Co., Ltd was founded in 2017, the company is affiliated with Hong Kong Interior Furnishing Co., Ltd and it was founed in 2013. RCIFC is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, which is a high-end furniture manufacturing city. Our company is a research and development, production,sales for the intergration of furniture enterprises, mainly to provide customers with hotel furniture/ apartment furniture/home furniture/office furniture customization, and lighting, accessories, such a one-stop service. The main service projects we have: four seasons hoteleraton hotel, the Hilton Hotel/marriott hotel, etc. Our customers throughout the world, mainly distributed in the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions; In 2017, the company started the furniture manufacturing and investment for the domestic market. We already have 4 brands which are well-know in our domestic market.

The company's main business: high-end furniture brand investment and operation, high-end private and hotel villa customization services. Foreign trade furniture.

Brands: RCIFC Italian Minimalist   Weishang Meiju Italian Light Luxury  View the fashionable new Chinese style. Only Shangyaju high-end customization,

National franchise stores:

Corporate Vision: To create a comfortable and connotative home life for customers.

Corporate mission: Do every product with heart, and continue to create value for customers

Brand slogan: Born for fashion, a leader in diversified life.

Values: Love, Sincere, Passion, Dedication, Innovation, Win-win

Management principle: always customer-centric, struggling-oriented

Personnel criteria: Team first, attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure

Management principles: follow orders for all actions, system first, leadership second

Manufacturing criteria: good quality, high efficiency, no waste, good quality, know how to organize, know how to rectify, clean frequently, keep clean and ensure safety

Domestic investment promotion service hotline: 18825594991  Mr. Tang   Foreign trade hotline: 15718334911  Ms. Wei